Selling Your Business

Putting your business up for sale is one of the most important business decisions you will ever make.  Knowing the selling process and how to price your business are some of the many services we offer at Business Brokers of Oregon.

Business Brokers of Oregon, is fully dedicated to sellers of all types of businesses.  We’ll assist in achieving your goal of finding a qualified buyer and completing the sale efficiently, quickly and at the highest price the market will support.

Our lists of businesses sold contains about 4 times more than any other Business Broker Company in the Portland/Vancouver area. We are busy and we get results! Here are some of the steps we go through.


At this meeting, we will review the procedures for the sale of your company. You will be advised of all pertinent data necessary for the sale so we can make up a presentation package for potential buyers.

Determining a Selling Price:

Business Broker’s of Oregon has years of knowledge of what businesses sell for in today’s market.  We’re a business appraiser in Portland and we use formulas to determine the value so we can get sellers the highest sales price for their business.


Your business is marketed on the internet to the biggest “business for sale” sites out there. We’ll also list your business for sale on our website, which receives a high volume of traffic from potential buyers. Your business will have the greatest exposure available in the area.

Qualifying Potential Buyers:

We will interview and identify qualified prospective buyers. When a good fit is found, we make an appointment to tour the business and meet with you to get the remainder of their questions answered.


We will do all the paperwork to prepare the Purchaser’s earnest money/offer and present it to you for your consideration. We will negotiate back and forth to obtain the best price and terms for you. We start the closing process at the closing attorney’s office. We use an attorney who is very experienced at Oregon business sales. This is mandatory so that no details are missed, which protects both the buyer and seller.

Due diligence period

The buyer does his due diligence and verifying during this time. They will often wish to closely scrutinize your business. They will typically request numerous financial documents to substantiate that the business sales and profits are accurate. We will work to assist in resolving any issues that arise.

We coordinate the closing with the Seller, Purchaser, Landlord and Closing attorney. We consult with both parties to arrange a proper transfer of the lease, all necessary licenses and utilities.

Landlord/Lease Issues:

We will negotiate with the landlord to facilitate all leasing issues such as the assignment of the remaining lease, or negotiate a new lease as needed to make the transaction work.

Closing of the sale

We all meet at the Closing attorney’s office to sign the final papers. Ownership is then transferred!

After the sale

Once the transaction is complete, we follow up after the sale to assure a smooth transition from the Seller to the Buyer, including the training period.