Listing Information

Type of Business: Publishing, sales, marketing
Location: anywhere
Asking Price: 33,888
Gross Sales:
Cash Flow:
Square feet of Building:
Training: Extensive training
Owner Contract: yes
Property included:
Year Established: 2024

Listing Summary

Just one of the many dust jackets we have that our graphic artist produced.

The opportunity is only $33,888.  Coffee table style books, full color, with hard cover. If you have a marketing background for business to business, understand the basics of electronics, have a recognizable white-collar image, and know how to motivate yourself and your employees. This will be the fast-track to making you into a successful publisher. I have over 20 years of experience owning and running a money making, 150 employees, profit making publishing company. Unfortunately, I have health problems to the point where I cannot do the fieldwork anymore. My brain still works, and I would be able to give you the knowledge that you will need to not make costly mistakes, and importantly how to have a substantial net income within your first year running the company. Here is what you will receive: A copy of all the forms and paperwork you will need, knowledge of where to print economically, sample books, how to find and retain people that will make you a success and I personally will work with you until you are ready to fly on your own.  Asking $33,888. Will finance for a down payment of just $8300.00, and as low as $1100.00 a month. You will make all this back quickly.